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18 july 2003
09:00Introduction to the Workshop
Bernd Siebenhüner - presentation (powerpoint, 2.63 MB)
09:15Session 1 : The Past 10 Years and the Need for New Incentives for Biodiversity Conservation
Moderator / Commentator : Udo E. Simonis
Jacques Weber, Institut Français de la Biodiversité, Paris : Privatising the Commons: An Institutional Approach of the "Access and Benefit Sharing" Issue - abstract (.pdf)
Coffee Break
Andreas Gettkant, GTZ Eschborn : Experiences from Technical Cooperation in Implementing the CBD - presentation (powerpoint, 2.14 MB)
13.30Session 2 : Incentive Tools for Biodiversity Conservation
Moderator / Commentator : Eric Brousseau
Bruno S. Frey, University of Zurich : Evaluating Biodiversity : The Point of View of Political Economy - abstract (.pdf)
Daan Van Soest, University of Tilburg, and Jana Vyrastekova, University of Amsterdam : Common Pool Resource Management and Some Implications for Biodiversity Conservation - abstract (.pdf)
Coffee Break
Timo Goeschl, Cambridge University : Biodiversity as Information: Theory and Practice of Managing Biodiverse Resources - abstract (.pdf) - presentation (powerpoint)
18:00Biodiversity Exhibition "Brennpunkt Natur", Bundespresseamt
19 july 2003
09:00Session 3 : Utilization of Genetic Resources - Legal Framework and Business Perspectives
Moderator / Commentator : Tom Dedeurwaerdere
Peter Tobias Stoll, University of Göttingen : Access and Benefit-Sharing : Towards an International Regime - abstract (.pdf)
Thomas Henkel, Bayer AG / Health Care Wuppertal : Practical Aspects of Natural Product Research in Light of the CBD - an Industry Perspective
Andreas Seiter, Novartis International AG Basel : Examples of Bio-Prospecting Collaborations and Benefit Sharing Models
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Session 4 : Traditional Knowledge and Incentive Mechanisms
Moderator / Commentator : Tom Dedeurwaerdere
Graham Dutfield, Queen Mary IPR Institute, London : Legal and Economic Aspects of Traditional Knowledge - abstract (.pdf)
Alejandro Argumedo, Cultural Survival Canada and Indigenous Peoples Biodiversity Network, Lima : Implementation at the Local Level : Experiences from Peru - presentation (powerpoint, 2.14 MB)
Brendan Tobin, United Nations University, Tokyo : Revisiting the Public Domain : The Role of User Measures in Securing Rights over Traditional Knowledge - presentation (powerpoint)
14:00Session 5 : How Do Policy Fields Learn and Evolve
Moderator / Commentator : Bernd Siebenhüner
Ariane Berthoin Antal, WZB : What Kind of Organisational Learning is Needed ? - abstract (.pdf) - presentation notes (.pdf) - presentation slides (powerpoint)
Minu Hemmati, Independent Consultant, London/Berlin : The Role of Stakeholder Involvement in the Development and Learning of International Policy Fields - abstract (.pdf) - presentation (powerpoint)
Frank Biermann, IVM, Free University of Amsterdam : NGO Participation in Global Environmental Governance - abstract (.pdf) - presentation (powerpoint, 1.02 MB)
16:00Coffee Break
16:15Session 6 : Conclusion
Eric Brousseau, Tom Dedeurwaerdere, Bernd Siebenhüner : Lessons Learned and Next Steps
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