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Dedeurwaerdere, Tom

Researchers (present & recent members)

Bui, Sibylle

    Sibylle Bui is currently Scientific Collaborator of the UCL, after having been a postdoctoral researcher at the BIOGOV and CRIDHO units (December 2015–June 2018). She holds a master in Agricultural Engineering and a PhD in Social Sciences. Her main research interests are sustainability transitions of agri-food system and power and governance issues. She combines historical, sociotechnical and pragmatic approaches to conduct qualitative research. She was responsible for the second part of the Food4Sustainability project in collaboration with Ionara da Costa : shee analysed the impact of three initiatives fostering the introduction of local products in supermarkets on the practices and values of the various actors of the agri-food system in Belgium, to understand the conditions under which this can contribute to a sustainability transition in the food sector.
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da Costa, Ionara

de Beer de Laer, Hadelin

de Callataÿ, Charlotte

Fernández-Wulff, Paula

Frison, Christine

Herrero, Pauline

Neuteleers, Stijn

Nikolaou, Charoula-Konstantia

Osinski, Agathe

Sánchez-De Jaegher, Carolina

Vivero Pol, Jose Luis

Past members

Batur, Fulya

Broggiato, Arianna

Bleeckx, Thomas

Coolsaet, Brendan

Ding, Helen

Guillermin, Matthieu

Lucchi, Nicola

Manou, Dimitra

Melindi, Paolo

Pitseys, John

Polard, Audrey

Popa, Florin

Scaria, Arul

Six, Benjamin

Van Den Bossche, Koen

Vivero Pol, Jose Luis

Aministrative support

Descampe, Sybille (Accountant)

van Schendel, Caroline