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Centre de Philosophie du Droit,
Université catholique de Louvain

Collège Thomas More

Place Montesquieu 2
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve


Older publications (before 2008)

Institutional analysis

Nicolas Brahy (2006), “The Property Regime of Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge. Institutions for Conservation and Innovation”(heavy file : 2,4 MB), dissertation présentée en vue de l'obtention du grade de docteur en droit.

Tom Dedeurwaerdere, “The Institutional Economics of Sharing Biological Information”, International Social Science Journal, 2006, vol.188. pp. 351-368.

Tom Dedeurwaerdere, Vijesh Krishna, Unai Pascual, “An evolutionary institutional approach to the economics of bioprospecting”, in A. Kontoleon and U. Pascual (eds), A Handbook of Biodiversity Economics, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2007, pp.417-445.

Microbiological commons

Robert Cook-Deegan and Tom Dedeurwaerdere, “The Science Commons in Life Science Research:Structure, Function, and Value of Access to Genetic Diversity”. International Social Science Journal, 2006, vol.188, pp. 299-318.

Peter Dawyndt (UGent), Tom Dedeurwaerdere (UCL) and J. Swings (Ugent), “Exploring and exploiting microbiological commons: contributions of bioinformatics and intellectual property rights in sharing biological information. Introduction to the special issue on the microbiological commons”, International Social Science Journal, 2006, vol. 188, pp. 249-258.

Heide-Mairie Daniel1, U. Himmelreich and Tom Dedeurwaerdere, “Integrating different windows on reality: socio-economic and institutional challenges for culture collections”, International Social Science Journal, 2006, vol. 188, pp. 368-380.
→ overview of the special issue on the Microbiological Commons.

Report on data sharing in the World Federation for Culture Collections (WFCC) (Per Stromberg).

Report of the Survey on Access and Benefit Sharing in Belgium (Christine Frison)

Project document for an infrastructure for "European Biological Resources Integration" (Philippe Desmeth and Tom Dedeurwaerdere)

Traditional knowledge

Mare Sarr and Timothy Swanson (2006), working paper

Brahy Nicolas (2005) , “The Contribution of Databases and Customary Law To the Protection of Traditional Knowledge” in Les Carnets du Centre de Philosophie du Droit, n°117.

Noah Zerbe (2003), “Biodiversity Conservation and the Protection of Indigenous Knowledge” in Les Carnets du Centre de Philosophie du Droit, n° 106.

Sustainability Assessment

Tom Dedeurwaerdere, “The contribution of network governance to sustainability impact assessment”, in Martimort-Asso, B. and Thoyer, S. (eds), Trade and Sustainable Development, Ashgate, Hampshire, 2007, pp. 209-228.

Reflexive Governance

Tom Dedeurwaerdere, “Biodiversity and intellectual property law : the stake of a theory of reflexive governance”, working paper for the international workshop “Governance of Biodiversity”, February 2004.

Tom Dedeurwaerdere, “From bioprospecting to reflexive governance”, in Ecological Economics, vol.53(4), pp.473-491.

Tom Dedeurwaerdere, “Biological diversity protection and self-regulation of local communities. Some implications of a reflexive institutionalist approach”, in Digital Library of the Commons, 2002.